TypeApp Quick Setup

TypeApp – The best Android and iOS email app ever created for mobile devices. Fast, simple and easy, TypeApp is the best email app for Android and iOS.

What is TypeApp? personally I think it’s the easiest one app solution for handling multiply email accounts, and in today’s connected world people have at least 2 accounts. The dreaded work email & your more fun personal account, each of which requires a login to some sort of custom portal. Which when you just want to quickly check email is a real pain. You can either get more info direct from the TypeApp site, or search for the app via the Google Play Store or Apple Store search for “TypeApp”. They also have a desktop solution as well which mirrors the mobile app interface.

The screenshots below are for setting up another email account via a secure SSL connection.

  • The many other types of account you can setup may not require this sort of configuration.
  • How to Remove an account if you make a mistake.

Remove An Account

Now if you made a mistake setting up an account and need to delete and start again.

  • Click the “More” button
  • Select Various Account Settings
  • Select account to remove
  • Now “Edit Account”
  • Scroll to the bottom of that page
  • “Remove Account” @ the bottom.