Tokeet Booking Widget

The booking calendar widget provided by Tokeet is very unclear as to the availability of a property.

When discussed with Tokeet support it was made clear that this was how the calendar has always been, and there appeared to be little suggestion that this would change. Although in their defence they did sort of mention that a possible re think of widgets was possibly on the horizon.

Looking at the “before” calendar (displayed to the left below) for the 4/5 of December you would assume by the shading of dates that only Dec 5th is an available booking, that’s because the Tokeet system factors in checkin / checkout in it’s display. Thus you get this rather confusing diagonal line across your dates.

The strange part of this is that the majority of the hotel industry use the results as displayed in our “after” calendar.

RESULT: Our “after” calendar for December now shows a further 5 nights (4th 8th 11th 16th 23rd) as clearly available for booking. That’s a revenue changer, as verified by the client they had a booking within hours of our changes.

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This was only achieved after some heavy js/css file changes. So if you think that your bookings are being effected by an unclear booking calendar. Please contact us.

We should also stress that any solution your web designer employs on your site be fully tested for responsive design before you sign off on the solution, 80% of your site traffic use either a tablet or mobile device.