Transfer Web Site!

Moving you’re website can be a very daunting task, but on any given day, thousands of website owners transfer websites from one hosting provider to another. When you have been doing it for as many years as we have it’s actually rather easy, if you know what the pitfalls might be. You could of course follow any number of online guides that’s if you can understand the strange language that is used.

But generally moving your website should not be a headache these days, the first things to check about your new hosting company:

  • Free Migration Service
  • What disk space are they offering
  • How accessible are the support team

With a free migration service you supply your new hosting company with login details, they pass this to their migration team who will normally complete the task overnight. The benefits of this system is that everything moves email, database & web site files all in one go, simple. There is one main element in any website move and that is that you will have to change the DNS for the domain name.

DNS What!

Domain Name Server (DNS), you have to change the nameservers for your domain name to point to your new host. This can be done at your domain registrar, so if your purchased your web site name from 123-reg you login to the control panel @ 123-reg and change the DNS to point at the new hosting company.

Problems often arise in this area because “the web developer got the name for us”. So before you start any web site move please make sure you have control of your domain name.

Be aware that DNS changes need to propagate across the internet, this can be as quick as 60 minutes, sometimes, but standard protocol is 24-48 hours.

Before any web site move make sure you control the domain name

Amazing its the first time I have had to move a website after I realised I was paying far too much for a sub standard service. Your support are really helpful and the transfer was done within 2 hours.


First off a big thumbs up these guys are great. Last time I moved my website 2 years ago it was a complete nightmare, it took me days to get everything working again. You guys are just brilliant so helpful it’s refreshing that I could talk to someone. Thank you so much.


Moved my site within 3 hours and highlighted a few things that I needed to get fixed. Which I have mentioned to my web designer, hopefully he will be pro active for a change, or I will ask for your help again. Oh! and very clear simple instructions