We all know that a picture paints a thousand words, yet the majority of web site galleries are just boring beyond believe. This is mainly attributed to the fact than your web designer is using the cheapest solution to display your images, or because their actual knowledge of web design is limited to point and click solutions.

Which is sadly the case with many so called web designers, developers, media solution providers call them what you will, but a little knowledge is dangerous and can be costly.

A very common mistake we see is that people upload a picture from a mobile device which is 8mb pixels in size, then edit that on their website which creates numerous copies of the same file at various sizes. But without any image compression, and then wonder why their web pages are slow to load. The secret is edit your image to the right size and compression before adding it to your website.

So here are a few examples of what could be done with a few simple code changes, we will use the same picture set for each example. Incidentally the WordPress plugin used here is free (opensource) software.