Domain Names For Sale

You can spend hours looking for the right domain name for your business, one word of advice whatever you decide on, does not necessarily have to directly relate to your product. For instance what does Purple Bricks – Zoopla – Kayak – Amazon tell you about that business, nothing it’s their marketing that has made the brand.

So it’s nice to have a great domain name that’s easy to remember, but it’s the content of your web page & marketing that drives traffic. That same content is also what gets you listed by the search engines but that’s another post subject.

One recent example for us was a new startup cleaning company called “Galaxy Cleaning Solutions”, much to our surprise we purchased “ &”. That’s a great five letter domain name with so many marketing slogans for a company van.

  • Let us rubit for you
  • We rubit clean

Unfortunately like most new startups they had not really thought through the marketing campaign, before commissioning the graphics for their company vans.

You also need to think out of the box with your domain name, what describes your product or business, another client missed opportunity, an awarding winning blacksmith looking to improve his web ranking over a competitor. Domain suggestion “hotbentandtwisted” completely describes the clients product, and the vehicle signage.

Hot Bent And

That’s going to make anybody smile that’s behind your works van, it’s also going to rank you page one of the search engines, because everything below the search term “hot bent and twisted blacksmith” is going to be adult related.

Have you got a good idea for one of our domains names, well you could consider doing a joint venture we provide the hosting and web design for an ongoing commission from sales revenue,  or you can even lease a domain name just to test the internet water with your idea.

The following domain names have thus been purchased whilst working on client projects but are now surplus to requirements.