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TypeApp Quick Setup

TypeApp – The best Android and iOS email app ever created for mobile devices. Fast, simple and easy, TypeApp is the best email app for Android and iOS.

What is TypeApp? personally I think it’s the easiest one app solution for handling multiply email accounts, and in today’s connected world people have at least 2 accounts. The dreaded work email & your more fun personal account, each of which requires a login to some sort of custom portal. Which when you just want to quickly check email is a real pain. You can either get more info direct from the TypeApp site, or search for the app via the Google Play Store or Apple Store search for “TypeApp”. They also have a desktop solution as well which mirrors the mobile app interface.

The screenshots below are for setting up another email account via a secure SSL connection.

  • The many other types of account you can setup may not require this sort of configuration.
  • How to Remove an account if you make a mistake.

Remove An Account

Now if you made a mistake setting up an account and need to delete and start again.

  • Click the “More” button
  • Select Various Account Settings
  • Select account to remove
  • Now “Edit Account”
  • Scroll to the bottom of that page
  • “Remove Account” @ the bottom.

Tokeet Booking Widget

The booking calendar widget provided by Tokeet is very unclear as to the availability of a property.

When discussed with Tokeet support it was made clear that this was how the calendar has always been, and there appeared to be little suggestion that this would change. Although in their defence they did sort of mention that a possible re think of widgets was possibly on the horizon.

Looking at the “before” calendar (displayed to the left below) for the 4/5 of December you would assume by the shading of dates that only Dec 5th is an available booking, that’s because the Tokeet system factors in checkin / checkout in it’s display. Thus you get this rather confusing diagonal line across your dates.

The strange part of this is that the majority of the hotel industry use the results as displayed in our “after” calendar.

RESULT: Our “after” calendar for December now shows a further 5 nights (4th 8th 11th 16th 23rd) as clearly available for booking. That’s a revenue changer, as verified by the client they had a booking within hours of our changes.

Slide the orange handle left / right

Compare imagesCompare images

Slide the orange handle left / right

This was only achieved after some heavy js/css file changes. So if you think that your bookings are being effected by an unclear booking calendar. Please contact us.

We should also stress that any solution your web designer employs on your site be fully tested for responsive design before you sign off on the solution, 80% of your site traffic use either a tablet or mobile device.


We all know that a picture paints a thousand words, yet the majority of web site galleries are just boring beyond believe. This is mainly attributed to the fact than your web designer is using the cheapest solution to display your images, or because their actual knowledge of web design is limited to point and click solutions.

Which is sadly the case with many so called web designers, developers, media solution providers call them what you will, but a little knowledge is dangerous and can be costly.

A very common mistake we see is that people upload a picture from a mobile device which is 8mb pixels in size, then edit that on their website which creates numerous copies of the same file at various sizes. But without any image compression, and then wonder why their web pages are slow to load. The secret is edit your image to the right size and compression before adding it to your website.

So here are a few examples of what could be done with a few simple code changes, we will use the same picture set for each example. Incidentally the WordPress plugin used here is free (opensource) software.

Transfer Web Site!

Moving you’re website can be a very daunting task, but on any given day, thousands of website owners transfer websites from one hosting provider to another. When you have been doing it for as many years as we have it’s actually rather easy, if you know what the pitfalls might be. You could of course follow any number of online guides that’s if you can understand the strange language that is used.

But generally moving your website should not be a headache these days, the first things to check about your new hosting company:

  • Free Migration Service
  • What disk space are they offering
  • How accessible are the support team

With a free migration service you supply your new hosting company with login details, they pass this to their migration team who will normally complete the task overnight. The benefits of this system is that everything moves email, database & web site files all in one go, simple. There is one main element in any website move and that is that you will have to change the DNS for the domain name.

DNS What!

Domain Name Server (DNS), you have to change the nameservers for your domain name to point to your new host. This can be done at your domain registrar, so if your purchased your web site name from 123-reg you login to the control panel @ 123-reg and change the DNS to point at the new hosting company.

Problems often arise in this area because “the web developer got the name for us”. So before you start any web site move please make sure you have control of your domain name.

Be aware that DNS changes need to propagate across the internet, this can be as quick as 60 minutes, sometimes, but standard protocol is 24-48 hours.

Before any web site move make sure you control the domain name

Amazing its the first time I have had to move a website after I realised I was paying far too much for a sub standard service. Your support are really helpful and the transfer was done within 2 hours.


First off a big thumbs up these guys are great. Last time I moved my website 2 years ago it was a complete nightmare, it took me days to get everything working again. You guys are just brilliant so helpful it’s refreshing that I could talk to someone. Thank you so much.


Moved my site within 3 hours and highlighted a few things that I needed to get fixed. Which I have mentioned to my web designer, hopefully he will be pro active for a change, or I will ask for your help again. Oh! and very clear simple instructions


Domain Names For Sale

You can spend hours looking for the right domain name for your business, one word of advice whatever you decide on, does not necessarily have to directly relate to your product. For instance what does Purple Bricks – Zoopla – Kayak – Amazon tell you about that business, nothing it’s their marketing that has made the brand.

So it’s nice to have a great domain name that’s easy to remember, but it’s the content of your web page & marketing that drives traffic. That same content is also what gets you listed by the search engines but that’s another post subject.

One recent example for us was a new startup cleaning company called “Galaxy Cleaning Solutions”, much to our surprise we purchased “ &”. That’s a great five letter domain name with so many marketing slogans for a company van.

  • Let us rubit for you
  • We rubit clean

Unfortunately like most new startups they had not really thought through the marketing campaign, before commissioning the graphics for their company vans.

You also need to think out of the box with your domain name, what describes your product or business, another client missed opportunity, an awarding winning blacksmith looking to improve his web ranking over a competitor. Domain suggestion “hotbentandtwisted” completely describes the clients product, and the vehicle signage.

Hot Bent And

That’s going to make anybody smile that’s behind your works van, it’s also going to rank you page one of the search engines, because everything below the search term “hot bent and twisted blacksmith” is going to be adult related.

Have you got a good idea for one of our domains names, well you could consider doing a joint venture we provide the hosting and web design for an ongoing commission from sales revenue,  or you can even lease a domain name just to test the internet water with your idea.

The following domain names have thus been purchased whilst working on client projects but are now surplus to requirements.

Web Links

Links to information that you might find useful in your internet quest for knowledge

Web Colours

eBooks – Publishing

Google Mapping

Alternative search methods & sites


IT Knowledge – Help – Information

Script Resources

Search Engine Black Listing

An important element of web design is fine-tuning sites so that they are attractive to the critical eye of the search engines’ spiders. There is a growing army of search engine optimisation specialists and copywriters, and as Google and other search engines improve their algorithms, new techniques are needed every day.

However, search engine optimisation is one thing; spamming is quite another, and the search engines look upon it very severely. Google is constantly looking for new ways to filter out and block those who are trying to manipulate the system unfairly.

There are various things you can do to get yourself banned by Google. Avoid the following at all costs:

Blacklist Crimes

1. Cloaking

Cloaking is when you put text and links into the html of your web pages which is hidden from your human visitors, usually by making it the same colour as the background of your page. Hidden text tends to be stuffed with keywords (often, they are random but popular ones) in the hopes that people searching for “sex”, “drugs” and “rock ‘n’ roll” will stumble across this site on their quest.

Cloaking is a waste of time. Search engines are wise to it, and it will annoy your visitors too, because highlighting the visible text on your page will result in them finding your dirty secret as well.

2. Over-Enthusiastic Keyword Usage

You’ve been told that search engines like text with lots of keywords, so you write a page of keywords and post it on your site, somewhere you hope your human readers won’t find it. Wrong. Firstly, if it’s not linked well to the rest of your site, Google won’t take much notice of it anyway, and secondly, too many keywords is worse than too few: it can result in a blacklisting.

The best solution is to write good quality, unique, keyword-rich copy that your human visitors will be interested in, with a keyword ratio of approximately 3%. Remember that Google is trying to find its human searchers the best possible results for their query. It is trying to match human needs. So writing good, human-friendly copy is a good idea, and don’t bust a gut trying to get exactly 3%; all the search engines favour different ratios, and it doesn’t really matter that much anyway. Just try to achieve a good balance.

3. Too Much, Too Fast

You decide that you need to start optimising your web site for search engines, so you post a vast quantity of keyword-rich material (mostly lifted from free article sites) in one day. This is not wise; Google makes a note of the growth of sites, and if your site gets bigger too quickly, they’ll suspect you of spamming them. Release your material slowly, and if possible, write it yourself or get a freelancer to write it: search engines much prefer unique content to content which appears on dozens of sites.

Automatically generated, “cookie cutter” pages are also a bad idea. Hundreds of useless pages will not charm the search engines.

4. Duplicate Material

You’ve written a really good article for your site, full of keywords and very interesting and relevant to your visitors. You then post it in three different places on your site. Again, not a good idea. Google likes fresh, unique content. It will notice if you repeat yourself, and penalise you accordingly.

5. FFA (Free For All) Pages and Excessive Cross-Linking

You’ve heard that links into your site will assist in your search engine rankings, so you do a link swap with a free-for-all page, where hundreds of people submit their links to be listed on a single page in return for a link back to the site. Well, for a start, you’ve wasted your time: a link from a page with hundreds of unrelated links on it is virtually worthless. But worse still, you have probably got your site blacklisted. Google doesn’t penalise you for who links to you, because you can’t help that, but they will ban you for linking to a link farm page, and it is notoriously difficult to get reinstated after such an offence.

Joining link schemes is similarly a waste of time and money; having your site linked to and from hundreds of other unrelated sites will not improve your page rank, and could get you banned by Google, Yahoo! and others.

6. Phishing

Phishing is an illegal activity whereby a site is set up which looks a lot like a secure legitimate site, such as a bank or credit card company login page. The site is then used to farm unsuspecting visitors’ bank and contact details, fooling them into thinking they are simply logging in as usual or changing their password. Google bans phishing sites whenever it finds them.

7. Doorway Pages

A doorway page is a page made especially for search engines (and hence not for human visitors). It is designed in such a way that no human visitor will ever see it, and it contains keyword-rich copy, or even just a list of keywords. Some webmasters, knowing that different search engines have different algorithms, make separate doorway pages for each search engine. There is even software that can generate pages which the different search engines are supposed to like.

Generally speaking, doorway pages are a bad idea. Most search engines prohibit their use and will ban you if they find you out. The use of these pages is particularly unacceptable if the keywords you use in the doorway page are not related to the content of your site. What’s more, these pages clutter up search engines with nonsense and make it harder for everyone to find what they’re looking for.

8. Repeatedly Submitting Your Site

Once you’ve submitted your site to search engines (which is rarely necessary at all; usually your site will be indexed naturally, if there are any other existing indexed pages linked to it), you don’t need to do it again. Resubmitting might not get you banned, but it will certainly annoy the search engines, and it won’t do you any good. In fact, some believe that submitting your site actually reduces your chances of a high page ranking.

9. Numerous Virtual Hostname’s

***** A virtual hostname is an additional hostname that redirects to your site’s actual hostname.****** Sometimes these can be used legitimately, as when you have a long URL that is difficult to remember, and so register a Domain Name which redirects to your site which is easier for your customers to remember and type. Having dozens of them, however, is misleading, and the search engines will not be impressed.

10. Illegal Material

Illegal pornography, and other illegal material, will be banned from Google and other search engines as soon as it is found, no questions asked.

How To Do It Right

Nefarious techniques for boosting search engine rankings are, in the long term, a waste of time: they may produce a fast result, but it won’t last for long, and you might even find yourself banned, which can be devastating. There are numerous articles on about how to legitimately improve your search engine rankings. A few pointers to be going on with:

Content is the key factor that search engines take into account. Good quality, unique, keyword-rich copy is your best bet. Not only will it attract the search engine spiders, but your real-life visitors will be more likely to return to read more.

– Update regularly. Give your human and electronic visitors something to come back for; new content is attractive.

– Links to your web site are also important. Consider swapping links with complementary web sites (such as businesses which offer a related service but which aren’t direct competitors). Don’t link to sites that you wouldn’t touch if search engines didn’t exist. Forums and message boards are also valuable places to post links to your site, but don’t spam them ? make friends, take part in the community, and absorb valuable advice while you’re there.

Good luck with legitimately increasing the traffic to your website!

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